Easybadge Refill Pack – Ribbon & 200 Cards

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Easybadge Refill Pack – YMCFKO Ribbon & 200 Cards


  • 200 print YMCFKO ribbon
  • 200 white PVC CR80 cards

This ribbon is compatible with the following printers: EasyBadge single sided ID card printer


About the EasyBadge Refill Pack

Contains 200 white PVC, 760 micron, CR80 cards (standard credit card size and thickness) and a 200 print full colour ribbon with UV overlay panel.

When used with the EasyBadge single sided ID card printer this full colour 200 print ribbon produces the highest quality thermal printed card on the market today.

  • Bright colours and amazing definition on skin tones for ID cards
  • Prints high definition full colour images on one or both sides of a card
  • Ribbon includes tacky cleaning roller

The YMCFKO ribbon comprises Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, UV, Black and Overlay panels.

  • The colour panels create detailed and bright images including photos
  • The UV layer adds a layer of security – detail which is only visible under a UV light
  • The black resin panel is ideal for fine print personalisation including barcodes
  • The overlay panel seals the card with a clear protective layer to prevent fading and day to day wear and tear