Evolis Primacy Colour YMCKO 5 Panel Ribbon R5F008EAA (300 Images)

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The Evolis Primacy R5F008EAA Colour ribbon is a YMCKO ribbon; this means that you can print on both sides of your card and make the front look just as amazing as the back! With a YMCKO ribbon you get the main three colour panels that will help create crisp, sharp, bright colourful designs onto your cards. These colours panels include yellow, magenta and cyan. But let’s not forget K and O, the K panel is a black resin panel that helps create sharp and rich black text onto your cards. And the O panel is an overlay panel; this clear protective overlay will help protect your cards against dye migration and abrasions, therefore making your plastic cards more durable for day to day use and extending their lifetime.

EVOLIS PRIMACY COLOUR YMCKO 5 PANEL RIBBON are easy to use and effortless to load, all you have to do is simply place the ribbon into the cartridge and the Primacy or Zenius Printer will immediately identify the ribbon and then automatically adapt the printer settings to that of the ribbon to allow for optimal quality.

The same system that makes loading the ribbons so easy, also helps the user know exactly how much of the ribbon have been used and how much is remaining. This brilliant feature means that you never have to worry about running out of ribbons. Simply check the Print Centre on your computer and order when needed. But fear not, even when your ribbon is nearing an end your Evolis Printer will let you know this with an on screen alert.

The Evolis R5F008EAA ribbon is an environmentally friendly ribbon with PET packing material; this means that it’s just as recyclable as a water bottle. As well as this, the cartridge is also made from recycled material making disposal of the cartridge also environmentally friendly.

This Evolis ribbon (R5F008EAA) is made for use with the Evolis Primacy and Evolis Zenius; it prints up to 300 cards and has a cost per print of just 14p!

Manufacturers code: R5F008EAA