Evolis Primacy Zenius Black ribbon (2000 images)

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The Evolis RCT023NAA is a black monochrome ribbon. Monochrome ribbons are ideal for cards that don’t require pictures. The best way to use a black monochrome ribbon is with pre-printed cards, this is a cost effective solution for this process. The Evolis RCT023NAA is mostly used in printing text and black colour line art on one or both sides of your plastic cards.

This Evolis Black monochrome ribbon is absolutely effortless to use and easy to load, all you have to do is place the ribbon into the cartridge and almost instantaneously your Evolis printer will recognise the Evolis ribbon that has been loaded and will configure its settings to match those of the ribbon, this way you can get the best from your printer.

The same system that makes loading and use of your Evolis ribbon so easy also helps make sure you’re always aware of what’s going on in your printer. You can use the printer centre on your computer to keep a count of how much of your ribbon you’ve used and how much of it is left. But fear not, if you forget to check your printer centre, your Evolis Printer will alert you when you’re running low on ribbon with an on screen alert. This whole process means that it’s easier to buy ribbons for when you need them.

The Evolis RCT023NAA is packed with PET packaging material; this means that it is just as recyclable as a water bottle. The cartridge is also recyclable as it’s made from recyclable material, making the disposal of the cartridge environmentally friendly.

This Black Monochrome Evolis Ribbon is made for use with the following printers; Primacy, Zenius, Zenius Expert, Kiosk and Elypso and prints up to 2000 cards.

The Evolis RCT023NAA replaces the discontinued Evolis RCT011NAA.