fargo DTC4500e dual sided plastic card printer with usb connectivitely

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This is the Fargo DTC4500e dual sided plastic card printer, it’s just like the single sided but there is a difference, this is the dual sided version.

With the dual-sided printing module, you can print on both sides of your cards. So, that’s the fairly obvious point, what isn’t obvious is that it also means you can add additional photos and digital signatures, these add that bit extra security to your cards and a bit of peace of mind for you.

The dual sided printer also comes with a dual input card hopper that hold 200 cards, with this you can print and encode more than your standard 100 card input hopper. And, with a print speed of just 24 seconds for dual-sided cards, your cards will be sprinting out of the input hopper!

So, just like the single-sided plastic card printer this is an easy to use and convenient printer. The loading of the printer ribbons is so effortless you could let your dog could do it. Don’t though. We don’t advise that. Their paws might mess the ribbon up. But that is just the printer ribbon, the Fargo DTC4500e dual-sided plastic card printer also features SmartScreen. This is a graphical display that will show you prompts to ensure that you’ll always know the status of your printer. See, easy!