fargo DTC4500e single sided plastic card printer with usb and ethernet connectivity

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This is the Fargo DTC4500e, it’s a single-sided plastic card printer base model that comes with the standard USB connectivity. It also comes with Ethernet connectivity as well, this includes a Wi-Fi accessory that allows you to print anywhere, anytime. The Ethernet connectivity also allows users to print from a network.

The Fargo DTC4500e is an easy to use printer, it has an easy and an efficient set up, and along with that the loading of printer ribbon is as easy as taking candy from a baby, we don’t endorse that at all, but you know… The printer ribbons used with this printer are economical and eco-friendly so that you can help save the world while you save your organisations ID problems.

Not only is it easy to use, but the speed of the print is quite impressive. In only 24 seconds the Fargo DTC4500e printer can print a full colour card, and that’s on both sides, not just one. But if you do want to print a full colour single sided card, that’s only going to take you 16 seconds, so I one hour you could print off a total of 225! But, you don’t have to always print off colour cards, when you print in just one monochrome colour it will only take 6 seconds and if you’re adding a clear protective overlay it’ll only take an extra 2 seconds. With all that, the Fargo DTC4500e also prints edge to edge design, no more annoying white gap around your cards!

Then there is the output and input hoppers. This Fargo DTC4500e comes with 100 card input and output hopper, this makes it ideal for both bulk and single printing. With bulk printing simply drop in your 100 cards into the input hopper, when they’ve been printed the cards will be in the output hopper. The printer also comes with a 100 card reject hopper.

Manufacturers code: 55000