Fargo 84053 HDP5000 Re-transfer Film (1500 Prints)

£80.00 (EX VAT)

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Complete your in-house card production line with the use of a state of the art Fargo printer and this 84053 HDP Film. This great value reel can be used for as many as 1500 images, perfect for bulk printing orders in a variety of applications. HDP Film is ideal for use to protect ID cards, membership passes and access cards in retail, trade, hospitality and corporate sectors.

When using a Fargo card printer, this HDP Film is used to protect and laminate your imagery. Your pictures are printed on the underside of the film and then placed onto the card to produce a protective lamination. This results in a durable and professional finish every time. Using the 84053 film can add years of use to your card products, yet does not sacrifice image clarity.

Stored properly HDP Film can be used for up to 12 months without losing its ‘freshness’. After this period, the film loses its quality and this can lower print standard. It’s always worth investing in more film rather than forking out on card reprints and maintenance.

Our 84053 HDP Film is compatible with the Fargo HDP500 printer.


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