TDSI 8 Digit Microcards (Pack of 100)

£550.00 (EX VAT)

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TDSI 8 Digit Microcards in Plain White

Upgrade your ID systems with these affordable TDSI 8 Digit Microcards in Plain White. These unique patented infra-red cards from TDSI are suited to a wide range of project requirements. Help provided added security to your workplace. These hassle-free access control cards are for use with TDSI security systems; this 100 pack is ideal for replacement cards or additional cards for an expanding workforce. In plain white, these cards are suitable alongside any company branding and for every business sectors.

It’s not always practical to have restricted areas manned by security staff, but electronic access control systems provide the perfect solution. Use these Microcards to access the main entrance, office suites, conferences rooms or employee staff rooms.