Zebra ZXP SERIES 1 YMCKO Ribbon (100 Prints)

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The Zebra 800011-140 is a YMCKO full colour ribbon, this means that it will print full colour designs on to your plastic cards. A YMCKO ribbon is everything you need out of a ribbon, including the five essential colour panels that will help make your cards look as good as possible! These panels include yellow, magenta, cyan, black resin and a clear protective overlay. The yellow, magenta and cyan help you create bright, sharp and colourful designs on to your plastic cards while the black resin panel (k) helps make your text and other black element sharp and stand out. The clear protective overlay is there to protect your card from day to day abrasions and dye migrations helping to extend the lifetime of your cards.

The Zebra YMCKO series 1 ribbon is also an eco-friendly ribbon. Eco-friendly ribbons use less plastic and are created to be biodegradable, ribbons that are biodegradable means that in the disposal of your ribbon, it has a much more eco-friendly impact on the environment.

The Zebra 800011-140 is a Zebra Load-N-Go Ribbon; these ribbons now use new advances in technology that make using your ribbon incredibly effortless and simple. Detecting the ribbon, optimising image quality and low ribbon notification are all aspects included. Simply drop your ribbon cartridge in to place and let the printer and ribbon do the rest. Worry about running out of ribbon? No need to worry with the low ribbon warning, whenever you’re low on ribbon your ZXP Series 1 will tell you. Order your ribbons and have them with you before your old one runs out.

The Zebra 800011-140 prints up to 100 cards and is made for use with the ZXP Series 1.