fargo HDP5000 mk2 dual sided re-transfer plastic card printer

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Choosing a plastic ID card printer is a big consideration for any business, regardless of its size and nature. When it comes to choosing a suitable option for your business, you need to ensure that the printer you choose is up to the task that it is needed for and can be relied upon to produce professional looking ID cards as required. The fargo HDP5000 MK2 dual sided plastic card printer is an outstanding card printer that provides a complete printing and encoding solution for your ID cards.

Print Quality

With its High Definition Printing (HDP) feature that’s capable of producing ID cards with vibrant colours and the sharpest of images, the print quality of the FARGO HDP5000 is second to none. This printer can produce the highest image quality possible on an ID card in this particular market as the printer prints directly onto HDP film using resin thermal transfer ensuring a vivid, yet even, printing of the image. And this applies to uneven surfaces such as that of an embedded technology card.


With High Definition Printing, the print head never actually touches the card as it prints directly onto film that the printer then applies to the card. In this way, there is no contact between the print head and the card ensuring that the card never gets damaged during the printing process. For this reason, you are offered a lifetime warranty on the print head itself!

Durability & Security

The FARGO HDP500 is capable of producing ID cards that are both durable and secure. The wear-resistant properties of the layer of HDP film make the card more durable and offer greater resistance to abrasion that can be caused by everyday use. The HDP film also makes the card tamper evident as the image will simply destroy itself if removal is attempted.


The FARGO HDP5000 is best suited to producing multi-functional ID cards for a wide variety of different uses from government use to corporate and student use. With the appropriate configuration, the printer can produce cards encoded with contact and contactless smart card technology as well as magnetic stripe encoding.


One of the best features of this printer is its connectivity capabilities. With the FARGO HDP5000, cards can be produced at any location once connected over a shared network. The printer’s Ethernet port and internal print server is perfect for networked operations in any large organisation, allowing for the production of high quality and secure cards in a quick and easy manner from any location.

For professional looking cards with optimal print quality and encoding options, the FARGO HDP5000 will integrate into your organisation seamlessly and you’ll begin to wonder how you ever lived without it.